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The niceness of Windows 2000

I've recently set up bhyve on FreeBSD and decided to have some fun playing around with various legacy OSs, as well as fiddling around with Linux to get acquainted with SystemD and where the hell different distros put files.

I decided to install Windows 2000 as a 'blast from the past' and am probably looking at all of this through rose coloured glasses but it is quick, responsive and light on resources. I remember moving from Windows 2000 to Windows XP and hating the interface and that it felt 'sluggish' comparatively.

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I'll admit I also liked Windows 7 as it reminded me of Windows 2000 quite a lot but can't say I'm a huge fan of Windows 8+.

Interestingly I found that there is work still being done to upgrade DLLs for Windows 2000 to allow modern applications and games to be run on it. I would recommend against this for security reasons but fascinating nonetheless see here if you're bored. I had originally thought there would be driver issues etc. but given several OEMs still provide things like wifi drivers for Windows NT 4 it's definitely a rabbit hole you can wander down if you're interested.

As an aside, bhyve is quite an interesting project. I use vm-bhyve to make configuration a little easier but you still definitely need to read the man pages and docs. There have been changes too as a part of FreeBSD 12 that can be hard to figure out without doing some reading too.

For example, checking or setting

won't work as that sysctl tuneable no longer exists

Instead you can just set the topology in your config and magic happens. There are some gotchas, for example Windows 2019 server won't work with more than one CPU but will allow multiple cores.

I'll add some more notes as I play around with it too. I might even end up getting bored enough and installing Windows NT 4 Workstation too. =)

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